About Me

Preferred Tehcnologies

  1. C# - it's what I use day-to-day for work.

  2. SQL - another work staple.

  3. Ruby within the confines of Chef

  4. C++ - what most of UCLA's classwork was done in.

  5. OpenGL, GLSL - 3D graphics is a hobby.

  6. DirectX, HLSL - did some work with this as an intern, led to the hobby

  7. XAML - picking this up in my down time for some phone app experience.

Work Experience

Bluebeam Software, Inc.

I'm an engineer on Bluebeam's 'Studio' product team. Studio is a combination DMS and collaboration platform that allows users to markup and share PDFs with others in real time. As an engineer on this team, I'm responsible for feature development on the server product itself, and some client work on the Windows Desktop 'Revu' software and the iPad version of 'Revu' as well. Responsibilities include:

  1. Creating/modifying Web API controllers and internal server logic to add/modify client functionality

  2. Designing new SQL tables to store information for new server operations

  3. Creating, maintaining new scripts for our Chef deployment setup

  4. Adding new funcitonality to our client software to make use of new server features

  5. Creating, maintaining various executable document processing components for our delayed job system within our server setup


Graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2013.